Monday, November 29, 2010

Deck the Halls, Ya'll

after decorating at work for 2 straight days, i was still SO ready to dive in and get our home decorated this weekend too. i love having all the decorations up, it just gets me in the Christmas spirit. i rented 5 movies for roman to watch, thinking that he would be occupied with that while i decorated, but all he wanted to do was help. it was really cute, he kept saying, "can i help you?" and when i would say "yes, of course", he was so thankful, "thank you momma!" we had such a great weekend. i hope to get some more pictures taken soon, but here's a few from our weekend.
sorting through the ornaments

of course, he wanted a picture with his basketball in front of the treeduke's all pooped outcrazy foolhappy decorating to you!

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