Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin Painting

normally we have a pumpkin carving/painting party, we've had one the last 3 years, but this year, we decided it didn't really fit into our schedule. for some reason, our october is slammed. in a good way, but still packed nonetheless.

roman and i walked in a 5k this morning that was held at my work, in honor of one of our staff members that recently passed away. all proceeds go to the american cancer society. we raised over $ cool is that? after that, we met poppa to pick out some pumpkins and get some lunch. after a really nice long nap for the both of us, we were ready to paint our pumpkins. this seems the easier option than carving since #1...he is too young for flimsy sharp carving knives, #2...the heat here doesn't allow for carved pumpkins to keep their shape for very long.

not sure what he is saying here, but i think the picture is funny

obviously, i keep catching him mid-sentence.

hard at work

i have to admit, he was one of the neatest painters i've come across. i think he is a little ocd like his momma. there was only one little bit of paint on his hand and none on his clothes at all

i think he's a lefty for sure...

he kept saying he was "gonna be the winner". i think he was still in 'race mode' from earlier in the day.

my other little artistpicking out which color he was going to use next
our little family of pumpkins (they look remarkably similar to last year)
my little punkin
did you get the picture, mom? can i get up now?
these are my scary and spooky banners that i made last week. i bought the letters last year after halloween on sale for $1.50. my friend amanda inspired me to make a banner out of them. i happened to have some black and orange fabric, so i sewed them on and voila!
toby actually likes it, so i think it will get to live here for a little while.

and a trip down memory lane...

pumpkin fest '09
pumpkin fest '08 pumpkin fest '-07
are ya'll ready for halloween?

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